FOUR PAWS – Donor Trust Guarantee

Our organisation is dedicated to fight animal abuse and cruelty worldwide.
Our Vision is a world without animal suffering. We view ourselves as advocates of those who have no voice of their own, namely animals. The common foundation for this is the respect for all forms of life and the deep conviction that every living creature has a right to be treated with consideration and to live a life in dignity according to its needs.

Our donors worldwide are our biggest force to succeed in our Vision. Therefore we as the first International Not-for-Profit Organisation offer a Donor Trust Guarantee to foster mutual trust between donors and our organisation.

Seven Donor Trust Rules
  • 100 % satisfaction or money back
    Our donors have the right to receive back their donation of the current year if they are not satisfied with FOUR PAWS work.

  • Committed to financial Transparency
    We see our responsibility towards our donors in keeping our financial affairs completely transparent.

  • Committed to open Access to Information
    Concerning our campaign, project and service work we share information openly.

  • Committed to Independence
    Our organisation is politically and financially independent from all political parties, private companies, governments or other institutions.

  • Committed to Internationalism
    We are internationally active – our work is not bound by any geographic limits.

  • Committed to Seriousness, Constructiveness and Non Violence
    Our work is founded on sound scientific research, when we draw attention to animal abuses or cruelty, we point out economical, political and social roots of such abuses. We aim for constructive long term and practical solutions. We use non violent Direct Action as an effective means to quickly resolve a problem.

  • Committed to highest Ethical Standards
    In fundraising and in our relations with our donors we aim to fulfil state of the art ethical standards concerning private policy, data protection and the use of fundraising and communication tools.